Multi-copter disebut karena pesawat nirawak ini memiliki lebih dari 1 rotor penggerak. Biasanya ada tricopters (3 rotor), quadcopters (4 rotor), hexacopter (6 rotor) dan octocopters (8 rotor).

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  • GX Series Drone Agriculture

    GX Series Drone Agriculture adalah drone agriculture yang sangat dinamis sehingga dapat digunakan untuk keperluan spray dan spread sekaligus dalam 1 drone. Drone ini memiliki konstruksi frame yang ringkas sehingga dapat dilipat/folding dan membuat hemat ruang ketika digunakan untuk mobilitas.

  • Swellpro Fisherman Drone Fishing

    The Swellpro Fisherman is the only waterproof fishing drone engineered to deliver your baits and long lines up to 1.6 km. The Fisherman means you don’t need a boat to get to the best coastal fishing spots. Shore-based anglers can dramatically extend the casting range and drop multiple baits up to 2kg at once.

  • Swellpro Splashdrone 4 Multi-Functional Waterproof Flight Platform

    SplashDrone 4 is the 5th generation waterproof drone representing SwellPro’s 7 years of knowledge and understanding of drone waterproofing technology. SplashDrone 4 is the all-new waterproof flight & float platform designed for multipurpose operation in any harsh environment.

  • Swellpro Spry+ Waterproof Action Drone

    The Aircraft And Remote Controller Of Spry+ Are Totally Waterproof And Corrosion- Resistant. Landing And Taking Off From The Water With 100% Peace Of Mind As The Spry+ Can Safely Float. The Waterproof Remote Controller Allows You To Maneuver The Aircraft While You Are In The Surf.